MS Access - multi user, scalable?

  pauldonovan 17:08 03 Jun 2005


We will be requiring an application and due to in-house skills, time constraints, cost, flexibility etc. I was hoping to use access.

Does anyone have any experience with the realistic number of concurrent end-users that an access database can support.

Also in terms of realistic volumes of records for performance.

In reality around 5-10 concurrent users will be the max, and say 4000 records in the main table(s).

Is that a problem?

  Sir Radfordin 17:38 03 Jun 2005

You can do it but there are a few things you want to watch out for.

Firstly make sure you create a split database. That is one database file with the tables in and another with the querys, forms and reports in it. You leave the table file in a central location and put the 'front end' on the client PC. This reduces the amount of network traffic.

You will also need to look very carefully at the record locking and how that is going to be handled. Page/Row Level locking can all get a bit confusing with mulit-user access.

I've pushed Access a long way in the past doing something similar - had about 100 tables and too many queries/forms to count with 5 users. It can be done but you need to plan it well from the start and then test it!

  Access genu 10:50 04 Jun 2005

Records are not a problem.

Microsoft claim that access cab handle upto about 20 concurrent users. However i would limit it to about 10.

As radfordin states split the tables from the forms. The main advantage of this is updating the forms or queries is a lot easier to implement.

If you use bound forms, record locking should not be a problem as access will handle this for you

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