MS Access help needed

  Mike D 14:57 16 Jun 2004

I am in the throes of setting up a simple database for a car sales business, with a fairly normal array of tables - stock (cars), customers, service work orders (there will be more tables, I am still working on this). When a car is sold can I make the entry for that car disappear from the stock table and move to a "sold" table?

I guess that answer is "Yes", but can someone please tell me how to do it? Please keep it simple, I am feeling cerebrally challenged!


  rogertjj 15:13 16 Jun 2004

Could you not just have another field on the Stock table that flags when a car is sold ? I think that would make it easier, but someone else may have a better suggestion. You could then 'build' a Sold table from the Sold indicator on the Stock table. If that makes any sense.....

  Mike D 15:59 17 Jun 2004


Thanks for your reply and suggestion, I will give it a go.


  AccessMoron 20:41 17 Jun 2004

Put an number field into the stock table that indicates if a car has been sold, is stock or u are just servicing it. Link this field to a lookup table that gives U the options for a car (Stock, Service, Sold, etc.) Then query this field in the stock form. (so you only store cars in one table)

  Mike D 07:44 18 Jun 2004


OK this one looks hopeful - thanks very much.


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