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  submarine 20:45 19 Aug 2003

I am working with MS Access 2000. I want to keep my forms in one file and databases in another separate file. How do I "access" (forgive the pun - B.Gates' fault!) the databases from my file of Forms? Is there any VB code to do this?

When you say separate files, what exactly do you mean -separate access database files or files in different locations??

  submarine 21:55 19 Aug 2003

Thanks for a quick response Gazzer99. I want the forms in, say "Forms.mdb" and databases in say, "Database1.mdb" and "Database2.mdb", maybe in different folders.

  Taran 22:06 19 Aug 2003

Create a new Access database and call it forms. Open it up and click on File, Get External Data, Import.

Choose the database you want to import from using the file browser.

The 'Import Objects' browser opens up in Access.

Click on the Forms tab and click Select All.

Click on Options and choose any additional features you want, then click OK.

All your forms are now in their own database.

You can do the same with Tables, Queries, Macros, Modules, Reports, and so on, but if you do so the databases will have no underlying connections to utilise the information from one to another unless you do some pretty complex linking.

You can link different databases for querying/reporting and so on, but you cannot usefully use a database that consists of only forms on its own.

I've no clue why you'd want to do this at all.

It serves no really useful function and overcomplicates your database design enormously. If you need to keep copies of your forms, you can always store different versions of your databases as you develop them as backup files. Keeping them in their own database seems a waste to me, but there we have it.



  wee eddie 22:06 19 Aug 2003

My mind says that it is unlikely, as I think one needs to open the database to have access to the Form.

However, I learn a little new every day. In this forum, something new every 10 minutes

  Sir Radfordin 22:44 19 Aug 2003

Access recommends you split your tables from the rest of the database objects (forms/queries/reports/modules etc) and so you have one database with tables and the other with linked tables and the forms in it.

  Taran 22:54 19 Aug 2003

That's a valid observation and I agree that it is worth doing on any significant project - but seperating the forms into their own database seems utterly pointless to me.

Unless of course, there are a great many form formats and the database to hold them is merely a container to showcase different designs...

I'm struggling to think of any other reasonable explanation for wanting to do this to begin with.

Perhaps I'm just old fashioned...


  submarine 21:44 20 Aug 2003

I'll be back on the case in the morning, busy today. To answer WHY I want to do it...... some of my tables (ie address table) in a few databases are the same.
I wondered if I could just use one central location for the forms and instead of copying the (ie address) table to every database, just use the form to pull in one table to be used in the other databases.

Or is it too complex - or worth the effort - rather than copy the address table to each database?

  Taran 19:41 21 Aug 2003

I think more information is called for here.

You can query all kinds of information from many databases at a time and merge, append, create tables or temporary tables to hold the results which may then be displayed on a form or re-inserted to a central table that the databases are linked to, among other things.

A more detailed explanation of your intentions or requirements would help, along with some table names and similar.


  wee eddie 21:14 21 Aug 2003

I think that submarine has created separate Databases for each or several potentially linked tasks.

If each of those Databases could become a separate Table within a single Database then (although beyond me.... Well I haven't tried yet) it might be possible to create a form with fields linked to different Tables so that each item need only be entered once.

However I know that there is an easier way than that. I think that this would have to happen at the Planning Stage. Isn't that what ID's are for.

  submarine 21:07 27 Aug 2003

Currently, there are 3 separate MSAccess Database files with identical "ADDRESS" Tables.
I want just ONE "ADDRESS" table in just ONE database to be used with all 3 databases without duplicating this "ADDRESS" table in 2 of the Database files.
I want a separate (4th) MSAccess file where I could store just the forms. Each form would use this ONE "ADDRESS" table to update the tables in the 3 database files.
Or am I making thinks too complicated for my own good?

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