MS Access Expert Advice Needed

  fitshase 11:19 08 May 2006

I am creating a database in MS Access and would appreciate some help on the following things:-

(1) In the table design view, I have some 40 fields set up so far. However, I have an input mask set up on most of them in a date format. If I change one of these, is there a way to replicate the settings to the other ones (without having to click on each one and manually change the input mask field)?

(2) In the table view, the headings are quite long in length (as the field names are long). I would like them visible but is there a way of wrapping the text in the table view so the header row is larger making the columns thinner (much like you can do in Excel)?

Any help is appreciated.



  Taff™ 12:54 08 May 2006

I don`t know if this will work but it does in Word & Excel. Format the first one. Select the next one and press the CTRL Key + Y Key at the same time. This repeats the last action. Try it and see if it works.

  fitshase 13:04 08 May 2006

Cheers for that but it doesn't work I'm afraid.


  Woolwell 15:01 08 May 2006

In table design view go to the left hand column and move your mouse pointer to the line below the long heading and drag the line down and the text should now wrap.

  fitshase 15:08 08 May 2006

Thanks but that only works in the table design view. I need it to work in the table view (i.e., where you input the information).



  Woolwell 15:19 08 May 2006

I normally use a form to enter data into a table. By using a form you can wrap text and put your text where you want and you can put more explanatory text. I think that to do what you want you will have to go down this route. The form wizard will design some reasonable forms but I usually want more control and go into design.

I do not know of a way to copy input masks. As I understand it each input mask is specific to a field. I stand to be corrected by others who know more about Access than I do.

  Access genu 23:12 08 May 2006

I would think that the only way of doing 1 is to write some code to alter that particular poperty of all the fields.

2. there is no way to do this. data entry into a data base should be via a form and not directly into the tables.

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