MS Access 97 is complaining about a join key.

  TechMad 10:28 16 Feb 2003

I am currently building a database, which up until yesterday, worked. I'm not sure what I have done, but that paper clip fellow tells me:

"The current field must match the join key ‘?’ in the table that serves as the ‘one’ side of One-to-Many relationship. Enter a record in the ‘one’ side table with the desired key value, and then make the entry in the desired join key in the ‘Many-only’ table."

I have never encoutered this problem before, and what made this problem odd is that I haven't done anything structurally in the database that hasn't worked before.

Any help would be gratefully accepted.

  AndyJ 10:40 16 Feb 2003

When are you getting the message. When you try to run a query?

If it's happening when you're linking tables then don't forget that the primary and foreign field must match each other exactly

  TechMad 11:49 16 Feb 2003

I am getting the message when I try to add an order record in a subform built using a combination of fields from my tables 'OrderDetails' and 'Plant'.

I have 5 tables, one with customer data, another with product data then I have an order table that assigns an order number (autonumber) to a customer. Then I have a table with Order details that will allow more than one product to be assigned to one order number.

I hope this makes sense.

  TechMad 11:51 16 Feb 2003

The only query type of function that is going on is that, If I select a product name from the combo box the price appears in the field to the right of it.

  TechMad 14:33 16 Feb 2003


  AndyJ 14:57 16 Feb 2003

It sounds like you are either trying to input data that is already appearing in one of the joined tables, and assigned as a primary key, or, you are you are trying to input data which contravenes a set of rules you have assigned i.e. the referential integrity. For example when you join the tables it may require that one of the tables have one or more matching records in the other table.
Cascade update changes the contents of the table on the many side to reflect changes in the primary key value on the one side

Have you tied using the analyze function under tools?

  VoG™ 15:07 16 Feb 2003

Does this help click here

  TechMad 22:53 16 Feb 2003

That looks to be it. I'm not sure how, but I had put a value for the 'Caption' field as a 'default value' by mistake. Thank you both very much for your helpful suggestions.

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