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  Curio 19:29 17 Jul 2007

Just upgraded to this version from 2000. Very different way of going about things.
Have a simple database for my CD and Vinyl collection. Now converted to Access 2007. Problem is inputting data via The Form. I am unable to open the Form so that the Autonumber shows in the List No file. Can get Autonumber OK using Table view, but would much prefer to use the Form. Any pointers gratefully accepted.

  Curio 18:04 18 Jul 2007


  Curio 19:54 18 Jul 2007


  Curio 20:24 19 Jul 2007

Last plea for help!!

  keverne 21:14 19 Jul 2007

Ask here click here

  Woolwell 21:22 19 Jul 2007

I think that thre problem is that few of us have Access 2007. I haven't upgraded yet and have no immediate plans to do so.

I guess that you should be able to add the autonumber field (is it your ID field?) to the form using the layout tools. click here

  Curio 22:35 19 Jul 2007

Thanks for the pointers. Can confirm it is my ID Field. Problem is It is already is 'autonumbered' from Access 2000, which shows in Table but not in Form. Will have a good read of the articles linked and see what is forthcoming.

  daba 01:01 20 Jul 2007

Not relevant to your specific problem, but I'm amazed that MS think the new menu style "user interface" in Office 2007 applications will be welcomed.

We are all so used to the traditional menus and ways of working that this new system really is a downer for me.

I have been forced to use it for over 5 weeks now, and I am still struggling with it. Just a peek at the Help pages that show the equivalent commands reveals that it is more mouse clicks or keystrokes to get to almost everything.

I'm using it daily - and I don't like it much - everything seems just a bit harder to get to.

  IntoPCs 08:03 20 Jul 2007

Can you see the field when you switch to design view? If so right click and select properties then change the 'visible' property to yes

  Chris the Ancient 12:18 20 Jul 2007

Far be it from me to recommend another forum, but...

There is a wealth of Access talent at

click here=

You need to register - but it's free. And responses are usually pretty quick.



  Chris the Ancient 12:19 20 Jul 2007

Sorry, link messed up.

http:// www. forums/index.php?Cat=

and remove the spaces

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