MS Access 2000 text field characters.

  Umbra 23:48 03 Sep 2004

Hi all, been away for a long time.

My problem is this :

I have an MS Access 2000 database listing song titles. I have built a form and added control buttons for "First Title", "Last Title","Next Title" and "Previous Title"

These four controls work successfully, going to the denoted record as required with no problems.

I have tried to add a combo box using the "TITLE" field only from my form data.
Song titles often include the character apostrophe ('), example...."Don't Cry For Me Argentina"
When I click in the combo box and select a title with the ' in it I get a runtime error 3077 and cannot go to that record. Titles without the ' in them display in the form with no problem.

Is there any way to display the song title correctly (including the ') without the combo box treating it as a rem and thus throwing up the runtime error?
My db has a number of fields giving info on the song and display on the form.

Operating System Windows 98SE
Processor Intel 600E Coppermine
RAM = 256 Mb
HDD 40 Gb
MS Access 2000 is the db.

Grateful for any advice.

btw....I only have a very limited idea of Visual and Access Basic !!!

  johnsims 00:02 04 Sep 2004

I would do a search of the MS knowledge base, refining it to searching Access 2000.

  Umbra 00:24 04 Sep 2004

Thank you johnsims.

I will go back and try again. Prob is that the knowledge bases oft give tech detail outside of my knowledge, so I was hoping someone could explain in words of one syllable how to overcome my issue.
I do know that it is possible to put quotes or brackets or something around the offending character, but I want to avoid that as it would look silly on the form!!

Don"'"t Cry For Me Argentina is quaint, but confusing to read, and has to be remembered if deciding to type in a title rather than scroll and select from the drop down list.

Thanks again tho.

  Umbra 21:08 07 Sep 2004

I have now resolved my problem. Long way round and not always understanding but got there in the end.

Thanks for reading this and to johnsims for putting me someway onto the right track.


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