MRU blaster

  cracker23 22:30 21 Jan 2003
  cracker23 22:30 21 Jan 2003

anyone tried it yet? if so is it any good? thanks

  leo49 22:38 21 Jan 2003

Yes it's very good and clears entries left behind even by Jv16Powertools.


  cracker23 22:40 21 Jan 2003

thanks for reply will try it out tomorrow

  leo49 22:43 21 Jan 2003

I run JV16,CleanUp! and MRU blaster every night before close down. Saves an awful lot of messing around.


  cracker23 22:54 21 Jan 2003

which do you think is better?-i'm used to using norton utilities but that caused no end of problems

  leo49 00:35 22 Jan 2003

They all do similar things but none does them all and each do at least one thing the other 2 don't. Therefore I run all 3.[I hope that doesn't sound Irish!]


  Foolsbane_1 09:44 22 Jan 2003

Like leo49, I have a clean-up routine which involves using a number of different applications. Some people might consider my precautions excessive, but I have very few problems with my system so I stick with what works. MRU Blaster is a recent addition to the clean-up toolkit which I now would not be without.

  cracker23 11:11 22 Jan 2003

thanks for your reply,what other ones do you recomend? there are so many out there to chose from i would appreciate some advice on what is best thanks again

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