MRI Scan Files

  Murielson 1 09:28 22 Jun 2010

Morning all.

I had an MRI scan on my knee on Sunday and now have the CD with the files on in my possession to hand over to consultant next week.

I would really like to view the files to see what is going on but they won't open as they have no application associated with them. The CD contains the following:

Disc is named NHS200610H, 512 MB used space
File named DICOMDIR, size 700KB
Directory named 06201212
In the directory are 118 files, each file is approx 480KB in size and with file names in the format 68106308

Do I just need a DICOMDIR reader? (Best guess via Google)

Any thoughts would be appreciated

  MAT ALAN 09:42 22 Jun 2010

unless you are medically qualified i don't see the point in trying to see whats on the disc, it might just lead to unwanted anxiety, Why not just leave it to your consultant.

  Murielson 1 10:09 22 Jun 2010

Thanks for the response. I have no problems with anxiety etc as it is an ongoing issue with my knee so I know it is just a deterioration issue.

Would just like to be able to see what the images show and hopefully be able to see where my problem is for myself on the files/images

  awest3 10:14 22 Jun 2010

Try this here

there are a few others..

My DVD (Heart Stent) contained a copy of this so I didn't have to download one..

  MAT ALAN 12:13 22 Jun 2010

I can sympathise with the knee issue both mine are shot (rugby) glad to know its not too serious.
Would be sorta dificult to advise on a reader for your disc as it seems to have no file association to it.
click here

the link may help tho, and speedy recovery...

  Murielson 1 16:23 22 Jun 2010

Thanks for responses and suggestions. I used eFilmLite to view the images in the end and displays everything I require including patient (me) info etc when contents of CD copied to correct location within directory.

Application available to download here: click here

  MAT ALAN 17:36 22 Jun 2010

Nice job, glad it worked....

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