MPU 401 Compatible Midi Device, Code 10 Error

  DW9047 22:27 01 Oct 2003

I have a Yellow Exclamation mark against this device with a message that states, device either not present, not working properly or does not have all drivers installed. Code 10 Error.
I have removed it from the PC and re-booted, Windows found and installed the driver from the hard drive. Does this mean a corrupt driver on my hard drive? I have tried inserting the Windows ME disk but it does not find the required file, it still suggests the best driver is already installed.

I have installed a language software program and it will not work because of this issue.

What can I try next.


  smegs 00:30 02 Oct 2003

click here . There is drivers here, but it says it's for Win95.

  smegs 00:41 02 Oct 2003

click here . Someone is explaining it here. Hope it helps. Good luck

  Peverelli 12:06 02 Oct 2003

Previous thread here: click here

  DW9047 20:38 02 Oct 2003


Sorry, by mistake ticked the resolved button on previous thread. I have assumed that this is the problem to the language disk not working as the language disk requires audio. I have installed the language disk on another PC using Win ME and it worked fine.

I have found a *.mid file and it plays fine.
Why won't the language disk play.??


  Peverelli 22:53 02 Oct 2003

No apologies needed, I only made a reference to your previous link so that anybody else with ideas could see what's been tried so far.

I don't understand why the language disk needs to use midi. Unlike wave & mp3, midi is not an audio format. Midi is just a set of instructions sent to a midi player (keyboards or software synthesiser) to allow the instrument to play.

  DW9047 20:09 04 Oct 2003

Smegs, Thanks for the response, Only drivers I can see are for Win 95 and the other site, you have to pay to subscribe to get the answer to the problem detailed on the page.

Peverelli, Maybe I am on the wrong track with the language disk not working if it should be nothing to do with the midi problem, I just assumed it was as it had an exclamation mark. I have installed the same language disk on another PC that runs on Win ME and it works fine, so I know it is not the disk.

I dont know, any other suggestions.


  DW9047 20:36 04 Oct 2003

I have just loaded on a different language disk and this loaded fine, Sound was there in the opening introduction both music and words, but when I went into one of the lessons, the video clip picture worked but no sound??

Any thoughts

  Peverelli 00:38 05 Oct 2003

Definitely not a midi problem! Somewhere along the line there is a communication problem between the program and your sound card. Let us know what sound card (or onboard sound) you've got and maybe somebody will know the solution.

Sorry I can't help you more at the moment.

  DW9047 21:25 06 Oct 2003

Ok so now I have two problems.
1. The exclamation mark against the Midi device, which may not be affecting this but would be nice to clear up.
2. The language disk not working.

The PC has Onboard Sound, The Mainboard is an ECS K7S5A.


  smegs 22:39 06 Oct 2003

The motherboard drivers R here. click here There R sound drivers there for Ur M\Board as well.

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