Mpegs,& DVD's won't play

  dazza39 16:35 21 Oct 2005

This was on another thread and tried all the options people suggested,downloading MPEG decoder etc,everything else is running smoothly i can play audio files and music,no errors messages come up to-date Windows,no viruses,sfc done,now i am lost.Even my DVD player won't work.

  splork 16:53 21 Oct 2005

Did your pc come with any software for playing DVD's? Have they worked until recently? sorry, I didn't read every post in your other thread

  dazza39 08:58 24 Oct 2005

My installed DVD player came with its own software on a CD,its only in the last few weeks it hasn't worked.

  splork 10:55 24 Oct 2005

Have you tried loading a problem file into this? click here Click on the various `render` buttons for video and it will inform you of missing codecs or problems. It doesn't handle .vob files from DVD's as far as I know, but it will load any kind of .avi or .mpeg file.

  dazza39 14:41 24 Oct 2005

K will try this.

  woodchip 14:51 24 Oct 2005

Two things to try, Uninstall DVD from Divice Manager and Restart comp then try it. If no go try a Drive Cleaning disc from £1 pound shop

  dazza39 23:13 30 Oct 2005

Well not looking good for solving this problem,i resorted to a complete format and clean install of Windows XP home and still couldn't get video/mpeg DVD to work,now i'm lost,having eliminated a windows problem,the only thing i can think of is the DVD drive is faulty???,though Device Manger says its working properly,incidently this is also affecting PC games that require DVD to run as oppose to to CD ones which work ok,thoughts?.

  Splork 23:21 30 Oct 2005

Sounds like a DVD drive problem to me too. Two different lasers in CD/DVD combo drives.

  dazza39 09:17 31 Oct 2005


Also i noticed that DVD's were quite hot when i took out drive,my CD is seperate,ummm looks like i may need to change DVD player,its the only thing i can think of,as everything else is working ok.

  dazza39 14:17 07 Nov 2005

Recently took into shop and got them to look at this problem,they told my graphics were'nt installed properly etc,corrected it amd confirmed DVD/mpeg was working,yet i get my PC home plug everything back in ,and still got problem????,even though it worked in their workshop,the only thing i can think of is my Optical mouse may be be causing a conflict?,when i did a clean install i didn't re-install drivers as windows loaded some default ones,so maybe this could be problem.its the only other thing i can think of

  dazza39 09:59 08 Nov 2005

Can anyone advise?


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