Zebrapec 22:23 08 Jun 2005

Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the above from?
Is it software or hardware? I need it for the Hazard Perception Theory test.

  Night Ryder 02:04 09 Jun 2005

I use Matrox Premire Pro 1.5.1 or a programme called cleaner. Both these titles will do what you ask. But arn't cheap.

  Night Ryder 02:05 09 Jun 2005

"Sorison" Squeeze is another software title that will do as you ask.

  Night Ryder 02:07 09 Jun 2005

Prenier pro with the Matrox RTX100 card will export MPED 2 files in real time. This set up is very expensive!! but works realy well.

  ashdav 17:03 09 Jun 2005

What is it you are trying to do exactly? We need a bit more detail.

  Zebrapec 21:13 09 Jun 2005

Hi,I Have bought the 'Complete Official THEORY TEST KIT for Car Drivers'and I'm trying to run the DVD named HAZARD PERCEPTION

  ashdav 00:12 10 Jun 2005

if you are using WMP 9 or 10 it won't play DVD's on it's own. You will either need to use a stand alone DVD program or (this is a simpler and free option) install codecs to enable WMP to run DVD's. Recommend you install the codec pack 2.41 from click here or the megacodec pack 1.25 which includes Media Player classic. This will play anything. To enable Mpeg2 in WMP you will need to select Elecard and Ligos in the Mpeg2 section of the codec packs. Sounds complicated but it's obvious when you see it. Any probs post back

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