MP4 Videos Just Too Big !

  jimforrest 21:47 17 Apr 2016

A friend has restored an old Daimler car and I video'd its first run out today. He would like to send it to his friends via email but the files, although only 3 mins in length, are enormous - up to 400mb.

Can I convert/compress them or do I have to chop them up into tiny segments of just a few seconds each?

  jimforrest 17:13 22 Apr 2016

Update - I switched the video quality to a lower setting, bought a bigger SD card for my phone, and uploaded the finished work to Youtube.

Editting the video was a doddle. In the end I used Windows Movie Maker (part of Microsoft's 'Essentials' package), as I never found a link for FreeMake that worked (and there are some dire warnings about the add-ons that come with it on the net).

  wee eddie 18:03 22 Apr 2016

I seem to remember using an App called J-Split. It was free and easy to use. However, I don't know whether it has made it to Windows 10..

You used it to split the file into as many parts as you wish. Email them,separately, and the other end uses the same App to join them together

  Secret-Squirrel 19:15 22 Apr 2016

Thanks for the feedback Jim :)

Wee Eddie:

.............split the file into as many parts as you wish. Email them,separately, and the other end uses the same App to join them together

With Jim's 400MB video that would require sending at least fifty emails ;)

  jimforrest 19:48 22 Apr 2016

This is going to sound daft - but one of my vids of the Daimler is upside down when imported into Win7. It's an MP4 file. If I import it into Windows Movie Maker it only saves it as a Project file (wimp). Windows Media Player plays the MP4 ok, but upside down, and has no facility to flip it 180 degrees.

I know I need to hold the phone the right way up (now I do!), but any ideas on how to flip the existing video?

  lotvic 20:37 22 Apr 2016

You've been saving as a Project, you need to save as a Movie. (Or you can save a project which you can go back to later and continue editing until you are satisfied and save the project, and then later you can open it again and then save the finished project as a movie)

To make it the right way up: Windows Movie Maker > Rotate Right > and again Rotate Right

Save Movie > choose from the options (these will size the file according to what you choose), there is one for YouTube, scroll the down the window that lists the options.

Screenshot click here

  jimforrest 22:02 22 Apr 2016

Thankyou lotvic - now sorted.

  wee eddie 22:29 22 Apr 2016

SS. On the other hand. There might be others following with smaller movies to send

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