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MP4 Videos Just Too Big !

  jimforrest 21:47 17 Apr 2016

A friend has restored an old Daimler car and I video'd its first run out today. He would like to send it to his friends via email but the files, although only 3 mins in length, are enormous - up to 400mb.

Can I convert/compress them or do I have to chop them up into tiny segments of just a few seconds each?

  Svol 22:16 17 Apr 2016

If the file is in MP4 format you probably wont get much more compression. Suggest your friend place / upload the file on an external file storage service where his friends can then access via a web browser link. For example.

Microsoft Onedrive

  jimforrest 15:33 18 Apr 2016

Thanks Svol. However, I took some MP4 vids (about 3 mins too) on my old phone, and whilst the quality isn't as good, they are less than 10mb. Have I got my phone setting wrong somehow (they are at the default setting)?

  bumpkin 15:42 18 Apr 2016

what frame rate did you shoot it at?

  jimforrest 16:57 18 Apr 2016

Aha - now that sounds promising. The resolution is terrific, so I assume it's at the 'best quality &size' setting. Now - can I reset/resize the resolution/size of an MP4 video file to reduce its file size?

  lotvic 17:10 18 Apr 2016

toejams, how do you do that? I've also got a 3min MP4 at nearly 400mb that I wanted to share with family. (recorded on my Hudl2 and copied to PC with W7)

  jimforrest 18:12 18 Apr 2016

I just looked at the video properties - The SMALL MP4 video (>10mb) is 320x240, 383kbps, 9 frames/sec - 3 min long The LARGE MP4 video (400mb) is 1920x1080, 19994kbps, 30 frames/sec - 3 min long I think I can 'see' the problem - be nice to correct it though.

  martd7 19:20 18 Apr 2016

Just an idea,Freemake video converter? Can you convert mp4 to mp4 and change the settings to give you a smaller file? Freemake audio converter does it for mp3 to mp3 but ive not used the Video version of Freemake

  lotvic 19:35 18 Apr 2016

mart7, that seems worth a try, will have a go tomorrow with a copy of the vid file, after I'm finished messing about with W7 updates.

  Secret-Squirrel 08:56 19 Apr 2016

Jim, you'll never be able to distribute a reasonably decent video by email - it'll be simply too big. You can try reducing its size and resolution but the result will be disappointing.

What you can do is to upload the HD version of the file to free video-sharing site such as Vimeo then send the URL via email. Recipients can then view the video in their browsers.

  jimforrest 15:42 19 Apr 2016

I have been trying to download Freemake - but their link fails every time, and the link from PC advisor fails too. Anyone had any luck finding a link that works?

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