mp3sugar music

  kerses 16:23 01 Mar 2007

Does anyone have experience of this music download service? Situated in Russia and looks ok. Asks for a deposit against downloads of which there are lots of all sorts.

  skidzy 16:26 01 Mar 2007

Yes i know of it,and another from Russia with similar procedures.
If you are based in the uk,i do believe its still illegal !

I did have my own thread on this a while ago,and after some advice,stayed well away.

  sean-278262 16:38 01 Mar 2007

Kerses I did lots of digging on this a while back when I was a moderator at a forum. From what I can tell there is an ambiguity as to who's law the activity comes under. The country of the registration of the site, the country of the servers, the country of the domain name, the country of the downloadee or another? Therefore it would be quite easy to say if it is legal do download it in russia that it would be the same here as surely the site is governed by russian law and rules,not any other country. However it is hard to explain in text.

It is quite a complex situation and one that has never been tested in courts here in the UK. Personally I feel that the site is legal if it complies to russian law (which you only should have to check is the FAQ type sections about the legality). You don't go into PC world and demand to see their VAT numbers and other legal documents. You assume it is legal and observed by the apt bodies.

The final answer is that there is no one person who can say as yet if sites like these are illegal or not. You can look up the history of allofmp3 and the like on google to look into it more. But as I have said there is no definite answer as there is no legal challenge here in the UK to the site.

  skidzy 16:45 01 Mar 2007

i wish i could find my old thread,as this had some advice that i think is worth reading.

Not for one moment am i contridicting you,but i do believe it had something to do with the royalties and to who is actually receiving them,if indeed they are received.

Im not going to ramble on as i cannot remember everything that was posted,but it was worth the read.

  kerses 16:57 01 Mar 2007

Well, thanks to you guys for the quick response. As it seems there is some doubt as to the legailty of this one, I think I shall stay clear. At 85 I don't want to end up in jail!!

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