MP3's need sorting, but what with?

  kinger 11:58 03 Mar 2005

Hi all.

Always ready to bring a new problem to the table, here's one that must be able to be sorted but I'm not exactly sure how ... so PC Advisor forum it is, then.

Cutting a long, complicated story short. I lost the use of my last back-up copy of thousands of MP3 files. A company say that they can recover the files from the broken HDD but they are no longer in the order that I filed them in.

No directories, no sub directories or anything, just raw MP3 files.

When I get them all back, I don't particularly want to sift through them all and re-file them in the order that they were originally in (A - Z, artist, album title etc.) as this will take me years to do (OK, months, but you get my drift).

Is there a software title that can read the ID3 tags, sort them into artist order, album title order AND make folders to store each file in its correct place.

I know this sounds a lot to ask but, as it took me over four years to record the titles from my CD collection, title them all and sort the ID3 tags out, I really don't want to have to repeat the process if there IS something that'll do the job for me.

There are over 30,000 titles ( I run an entertainment agency and have got the originals (nothing illegal here)) and software on my laptop plays the MP3's without the need for me to lug around boxes of CD's.

Any help would be greatly appreciated at my time of need. Thanks you guys.

  Graham ® 12:04 03 Mar 2005

Something like this?

click here

  TomJerry 12:05 03 Mar 2005

a backup external HDD maybe the first thing you need to get

  kinger 12:27 03 Mar 2005

I DID back up, big time. This is why I said 'to cut a long, complicated story short'.

You see I had an original, then three back-up's.

LaCie Big Disk 320Gb went wrong and went for repair.

LaCie Big Disk 320Gb drive number two went to LaCie for repair.

On each occasion I requested that they recover my data (although I did have back-ups anyway) but on both occasions they just sent me my drives back totally empty! (but working again)

Would you believe (I posted a comment about this on this very forum some months ago) a THIRD LaCie Big Disk 320Gb went down (just couldn't access data) but now, instead of sending it to LaCie, I had to send it to a data recovery place to get my data back as, on this occasion, I was down to the last back-up. The two year warrantly is now void anyway as LaCie refuse to work on drives that have been opened.

LaCie Big Disk 320Gb drive number three went down after my original failed.

Basically, I had one back-up drive left.

While fannying around trying to recover my data myself, I accidentally wrote a partition over this last back-up. Boy did I feel like crying.

This strange sequence of events took one drive after the other, all within five days. The chances of this happening must be millions to one.

I haven't gone into full details (although it must seem like it (yawn)) but, you see, I DID have plenty of back-ups ... now I haven't.

Did you know, it costs over £1000.00 to get lost data recovered professionally?

  kinger 12:39 03 Mar 2005

How do I impliment the script.

Looks like it does what I need but how do I set it up?


  Chezdez 12:44 03 Mar 2005

well, after that think i'll be avoiding LaCie products...

  Graham ® 12:57 03 Mar 2005

Dunno, I found it on google. Presumably it comes with a help file. I'll have a look.

  Graham ® 13:00 03 Mar 2005

The extension tar 'Tape Archive File'

  Graham ® 13:04 03 Mar 2005

Looks like you have to enter DOS commands - beyond me!

click here

  tenplus1 13:07 03 Mar 2005

Why not simply download the WinCUE plugin for WinAMP and point it to your MP3 directory. There you can simply type the name of the song you with to play and it will appear on your playlist :)

  Graham ® 13:08 03 Mar 2005

Just a thought - can your data be imported to Excel? If you don't have Excel, you could always email it to someone who has. It is very good at sorting data.

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