MP3s to MP3 player problem!

  rickf 11:40 24 Sep 2003

Hi All,
I downloaded some Mp3s for my son. Then burnt them on Cdrs. They work fine. He then tried to move the song over from the Cd to his Mp3 player via his comp. which came out as cdas and would therefore not play. Has the format changed from the transfer? Any ideas appreciated.

  rickf 11:42 24 Sep 2003

As addendum to above, The mp3s on his cdr play fine on his mp3 capable CD player. Its when he transferred them to his digital MP3 player that they would not work.

  rickf 14:15 24 Sep 2003

Thanks for replies. I'll try what Kinger suggests first. To confab, They were just simply dragged across to the CDRW drive from Windows explorer. As said they play find on his CD Player which is also capable of playing MP3s. Will give you a feedback later.

  rickf 17:14 24 Sep 2003

Its resolved using kinger's suggestion. Thanks.

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