MP3s I know what I want to do, but how do I do it?

  golfpro 16:02 18 Jun 2003

I have an MP3 portable player, which is not compatible with my "Real player". I have to download from explore, ok but how do I download a CD to my hard disc in MP3 format, and how do I configure downloads from to the same format on my hard disc. Or is all this not necessary to load songs into my portable player. My OS is XP home. Hope all this makes sense.

  NinkyRudes 16:12 18 Jun 2003

Th old-fashioned way of doing it, and there may be quicker ways nowadays, is to use a sampling program, such as Goldwave click here to rip the CD to your hard disk in .WAV form, then just save the tracks or the whole thing as .MP3 files. Then you're ready to start transferring to your portable device.

  golfpro 16:14 18 Jun 2003

I thought I may add this also. I have hundreds of songs on my Real Player and It would be great if I could download these from my library, but I can't, is there a way that I can send these files to my hard disc??

  pj123 16:22 18 Jun 2003

this is very longwinded but the way I do it is: Record the CD in real time to your hard disk (I use a programme called LP Recorder from click here) Then once that has done I use another programme called wismp3 to convert to MP3 (From WIS Technologies Inc.) I will get the URL for you but in the meantime if you put wis technologies into google it should bring it up.

  NinkyRudes 16:24 18 Jun 2003

Sorry to sound inexperienced, but could you tell me exactly what a Real Player is? As far as I know RealPlayer is a piece of multimedia software for the PC, yet you are implying that it is some external device.

  NinkyRudes 16:28 18 Jun 2003

You don't need to record CDs in real time. Since CDs are a digital format, you can rip them very quickly on to hard disk. Try downloading Goldwave (see above) - it's shareware. In the tools menu, there is a CD audio extractor. This gives near perfect sound quality and good size files.

  troydi 16:31 18 Jun 2003

Realone player actually does this for you. When you insert a cd, and go to play cd, you can click on 'save tracks' this saves your tracks to a folder on your hard drive as mp3's.

  pj123 16:33 18 Jun 2003

sorry if I seem to be hi-jacking your thread. The URL as far as I can see is click here

NinkyRudes Thanks for that. I don't normally record CDs, as my main object is to get all my LP Records, Cassette Tapes and Reel to Reel tapes on to CD.

  NinkyRudes 16:35 18 Jun 2003

Gotcha - I thought you sounded like you knew what you were doing! LP recorder is very good for those purposes.

  golfpro 16:40 18 Jun 2003

troydi. I do download my cd's to the "Real Player" library in MP3 Format, but I can't find them on the hard disc, either in My computer or My music. PS "Real Player" is my music player just like Win Amp, Media Player etc etc

  troydi 16:41 19 Jun 2003

If you look in settings, or preferences, somewhere you should be able to find where it sends them to. Also, if you go to my library, and click on a music file, you can find it's location by right clicking and finding the right location.

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