mp3 wont install

  ellie82 18:19 10 Feb 2008


I have a mp3 player, ministry of sound 2gb. when I plug it into my pc it will not work. It does not come up with the usual hardware found etc and then there it is. It pops up with a box with two options, 1 is windows media player, the other is take no action. Neither work and the mp3 player does not appear in the list of mass storage devices.

It is menat to appear in their as F drive. My OS is XP. Any ideas of how to install this would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to find an install file on the internet but no such luck.



  Marko797 18:22 10 Feb 2008

but did the mp3 player come with any software which you should install onto ur PC?

I have a samsung mp3 player, and had to install the samsung media system before I could read the contents of the mps player.

I may be wrong, but I don't think u can just plug an mp3 player in and go.

  ellie82 18:24 10 Feb 2008


Yes, the instructions say with XP you just plug it in and it self installs. the only software is a win98 driver.

Its so annoying that it wont just install!



  Marko797 18:27 10 Feb 2008

have u used the driver which came with it, or not?

what's the make of the mp3 player?

Have u tried their web iste to see if the IS a need for an XP driver?

  Totally-braindead 18:29 10 Feb 2008

I'm afraid I cannot help as my MP3 is just plug and play, it does what yours doesn't appear to and appears as a external drive the same way as my pen drive does. No drivers are needed.

You could try a different USB port and see what that does. Could you maybe try it on another PC, a friends or neighbours perhaps? At least that would tell you if the MP3 player is ok.

I assume your USB ports are ok and are working with a printer for example?

  ellie82 18:30 10 Feb 2008

The driver is for win98, I am using xp. but when it failed to self install i installed the cd as a shot in the dark, still no joy!

So i searched the interent for a driver, none to be found anywhere. Its a ministry of sound 2gb mp3 player. I cannot find an xp driver anywhere. wondering if it is the computer?

I have plugged it into my vista laptop and it works no trouble on there.

I have used another mp3 on that machine and it self installed no trouble.

  ellie82 18:33 10 Feb 2008

Yeah, its should be appearing like a pen drive but it isnt. I tried other ports. no joy there either. it seems to recongnise it but not as a storage device. very strange.

could it be something to do with other related software i may need?


  Marko797 18:39 10 Feb 2008

do other things such as pen drives appear (on the same machine that ur trying the mp3 player), or are these also not recognised?

  ellie82 18:40 10 Feb 2008

pen drives appear, just seems to be this one. but it works on another pc.

  Marko797 18:42 10 Feb 2008

something stupid like a loose fitting usb lead connection, either at the mp3 end or the usb skt end?

And u've tried it in differnt usb ports on the machine where it won't appear?

Clutching at straws here.

  [email protected] 18:43 10 Feb 2008

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