MP3 ripping (MSI CDRW or DVD Drive - no ASPI)

  disney_cjd 14:45 07 Jul 2003


Help pelase. I have anew PC, has twin MSI drives, one CDRW and one DVD, both show up in XP home as ATAPI drives. I was using Audio Catalyst to rip some CD's down to MP3 but with these new drives I cannot seem to do it. All is it allowing me to do is play the music cd and rip in real time, and the MP3 created does not play.

I have tried to install ASPI drivers, but this does not help. Can anyone suggest either a fix ort another MP3 Ripper that works under xp and is free or shareware?

Many thanks

  Lú-tzé 16:44 07 Jul 2003

MP3 Ripper -

Windows Media Player v.9

MusicMatch Jukebox 8

dBpowerAmp music convertor

All of these rip quickly - maybe 30 secs per track depending on the quality selected and the length per track.

  disney_cjd 08:14 08 Jul 2003

I have Win MP 9 on the XP system, but I cannot find the MP3 ripping section - all I can find are plug ins taht I need to download and pay for for - 10 bucks I think. Are there any free one or should I use one of these pay ones and if so which one?

Thansk for your response though

  Lú-tzé 08:42 08 Jul 2003

disney_cjd - there is a free mp3 ripping plugin for WM9 - it needs the radium codec and a registry tweak.

I have both if you want them - drop me an email via the envelope beside my name. I cannot find where on the net I found them - someone posted a link on these pages some months ago.

I realise that some people are wary of regisry tweaking (especially when told by a stranger). The following is the info to be changed. Copy the below into a text file and then save it as mp3.reg and you can merge it into your registry by doubleclicking on it.








  Lú-tzé 16:50 08 Jul 2003

click here for more info.

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