mp3 question

  charlton200 13:02 12 May 2007

I listen to a lot of pocasts that are of 1 hr in length on my PC.
I have never owned a mp3 player but would like one, to listen to the podcast away from the computer.
Does anyone know of a good mp3 player for podcasts.
Do apple ipod allow you to play podcasts, or would i be best with creative or something else. And what size for holding up to 4, 1hr long podcasts and a few Cd's.
Also a good feature will be the ability to bookmark the podcast in case i only listen to half of it in one sitting.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

  Kate B 13:03 12 May 2007

Podcasts are just mp3 files, same as music files. You can play a podcast on an iPod or indeed any other mp3 player. What's your budget?

  charlton200 13:07 12 May 2007

up to £150.

I thought apple only played stuff you downloaded from them.


  Kate B 13:42 12 May 2007

iPods play AAC format files, which is what iTunes sells; and mp3 format files. What they won't play is WMA files - which is what all the other online stores sell.

  charlton200 13:57 12 May 2007

Thanks for clearing that up for me Kate B.
Can you tell me if you can bookmark a show. I know it doesn't matter on a music track but podcasts are sometimes long.

Many thanks,

  COLIN-234466 14:22 12 May 2007

Hi my family have had several different brands of mp3 players and ipods are certainly superiour to any of the brands we have had . got 2 nanos 4 gig each best buy ever.

  bremner 14:42 12 May 2007

Have several BBC podcasts set to my iTunes and then to the iPod. Very easy to set up.

  charlton200 18:18 12 May 2007

can you bookmark a program though or does it start again at the begining of the program. I have heard that some mp3 players do this but i was hoping the ipod whould.


  charlton200 13:24 13 May 2007

many thanks for your help.

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