MP3 Quality

  j18psf 11:53 04 May 2005

Hi, i have recorded a radio broadcast off an internet radio station, however when i come to listen to the recording on my PC, the quality is quite low and crackily.

I am using Xp, the music is recorded in mp3 format and i think it was recorded at quite a low bit rate, is there any way of increasing the quality even though it has already been recorded?


  ACOLYTE 11:59 04 May 2005

click here music converter should to it select the little speaker icon then pick your track select open and then in the box select the bitrate and whatever else you need.


  Confab 12:15 04 May 2005

Increasing the bitrate won't make it sound any better.

  OllieHall 12:22 04 May 2005

Surely you're limited by the bit-rate it's first sampled at?

How about using something like Audio Cleaning Lab to try and clear out the crackles etc. Though that might be a lost cause :-(

  j18psf 12:26 04 May 2005

Ill give the suggestions a try, if they dont work, do you think that changing the bit rate or sampling rate before i actually record will make a difference?

Or as OllieHall said will it not matter if the music i am recording is of low quality to start with?


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