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  Neo_0147 17:30 24 Nov 2003


I know that mp3 quality is roughly 128kbps but you can better quality but what is cd quality? If you put an mp3 playing and the song off a cd next to it, you can really tell the difference of cd quality so I was wondering can you copy a song off a cd onto your hard drive cd quality? Would that be 320kbps? I'm not so sure.


  Jester2K II 18:00 24 Nov 2003

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I don't think your question makes much sense. A CD Quality mp3 is 128kbps. Thats it.

mp3 quality can be wide ranging not just 128 kbps.

  Jester2K II 18:02 24 Nov 2003

To explain it another way. mp3 quality can be measured over a wide range of kbps levels. Typically from 96 to 360 kbps.

CD Quality mp3 are recorded at 128 kbps.

  Neo_0147 18:47 24 Nov 2003

I mean if you listen on your computer to an mp3 at 128kbps the sound quality is good but when u listen to the same song off say an album bought from the shop, the sound quality is much better. Much more crisper sound etc.

Can u rip songs off a cd with that quality? So that they are the same quality as off the cd?

Because 320kbps is the highest ive seen an mp3 quality in kbps terms and it sounds much better than a 128kbps so I was wondering is that cd quality?

  Jester2K II 18:51 24 Nov 2003

If you want to rip CDs at 128 kbps then you should be able to do that. However it recognised (as far as i can see) that 128 kbps is CD Quality.

320 kbps will sound better.

I also think the encoder you use can also affect the quality too...

  Neo_0147 19:05 24 Nov 2003

I know I can rip them at 128kbps but when playing a cd what quality is it in terms of kbps? 128kbps mp3 isn't as good quality sound as playing it off a cd. Is 320kbps the closest you can get to cd quality off on your computer as an mp3?


  powerless 19:17 24 Nov 2003

Do you know what an MP3 is?

You see when you listen to a CD your listening to a 40+ meg file. With sound that we cannot hear, but it adds to the quality (if that makes sense).

With an MP3 the sound we cannot hear is reduced depending upon encoding so all the sound that we cannot hear is gone.

But this is the reason why it will sound different. Although we cannot actually hear some sound within a track it adds to the quality.

  toni b 19:23 24 Nov 2003

"Because 320kbps is the highest ive seen an mp3 quality in kbps terms and it sounds much better than a 128kbps so I was wondering is that cd quality?" inthe link above it is stated that 128kbps is generally accepted be of the same audio sound of a cd. but as you say yourself 320kbps sounds much better than 128kbps,from what I can determine it depends on your ears and the quality of software/hardware you use.I posted a similar question last week and the advice I got was that there was not a noticable difference between 160/320 kbps but then that depends on the person listening. So if you personally can determine that there is audio improvement using 320 why not just use that setting or try burning a couple of tracks a different kbps to determine if or when you stop noticing the differnece
Regards Toni

On a similar note, what's the equivalent of CD quality for WMA?

My Windows Media Player is currently set to 128kbps. I'm hoping to reduce this without compromising (too) much on quality.

  SEASHANTY 20:25 24 Nov 2003

See this page on ripping CD to MP3 at various rates
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  toxin 22:58 24 Nov 2003

Hi All!

If you're after quality. WMP encoder lossless encoding gives a variable bit rate up to 1200kbps

My collection of 50s/70s Big Band tracks has all been encoded to wma and some 2500 tracks occupy 39.5Gb on my hard disc, giving me something like 120 hours of continuos music if I want it, all played back over my Denon HiFi system.

If it's quality you want, you'll have to sacrifice a bit of disc space!

Hope this helps, Toxin.

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