Mp3 Problems

  SB23 17:56 05 Dec 2005

Have just received an mp3 player as a present,but cannot get it to show on my pc as an extra storage device as suggested in the owners manual.It says that Xp will see it almost straight away,to click on my computer,and the device should show as an extra storage device,but it doesn't.Media player calls it "Drive F",so I know its there,and that I can download to it that way,but the manual says about dragging and dropping once you've opened it up from my computer,Media player is ok,and will work, but is there a better way?,and how can I get it to show in my computer?,coz I would like to try it the way the manual suggests....SB23

  Lady Lara 18:06 05 Dec 2005

I have one as well. Click on 'My Computer' and insert usb stick. It should appear in 'Devices with removable storage' (extra storage!)

This is what i found anyhow and just took it as a manual with vague descriptions as per usual!!

  SB23 19:11 05 Dec 2005

Don't seem to be able to find that.

  Totally-braindead 19:28 05 Dec 2005

Mine is the same as Lady Lara, only suggestion I have is try look in folder options in control panel, click on the second tab view and click the show hidden files and folders then try it. I'm not sure if this will make a difference but if windows is hiding it it may then appear, if this doesn't work then of course just go back and remove the tick again. Is the MP3 player a particular make? There may be a website that can help.

  SB23 19:42 05 Dec 2005

Absolutely nothing,but it works with Media Player,have just put an album on with not much effort,well,I lie,but the album is on there.

  CHAIRLEG 20:39 05 Dec 2005

Does it show as extra drive in windows explorer.The one i have i can use drag and drop using explorer.Packard Bell.

  SB23 21:13 05 Dec 2005

Again nothing,but it is still showing as "removable drive F" in device manager,and Media Player is fine with it,just put on another 3 albums,listening to it now,but I would still like to find out how you make it show as a drive in my computer?,and why it didn't in the first place.

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