MP3 Problem - Possibly Self Induced.

  Jonno131 11:31 20 Jan 2005

I'm hoping someone can rescue me from acute embarrassment. My nephew received an MP3 player (mpman MP-HD2) but couldn't play anything on it. It appeared that he was trying to play CDA tracks without converting to MP3 so I upgraded his Media Player to WMP 10 .So far so good. I then deleted everything that he had copied to the MP3 player, dragged a few MP3s over and tried playing. Still no music forthcoming. Common sense raising its ugly head, it belatedly occurred to me that there must be player software installed on the player in order to play anything and perhaps I've deleted it. Needless to say his recycle bin is set to delete immediately (Ah the folly of youth!) so I've no idea what I need to do to get it to play MP3s. I cant find anything helpful on the Company's website. His OS is XP and the device is being seen OK by the PC. Can anyone help please. Before posting this I've done a search on previous MP3 problem postings and perhaps I'm missing a point as formatting the MP3 is mentioned. Wouldn't that delete the player software?


  I-W 12:16 20 Jan 2005

I had a problem with a mp3 player not playing tunes. It wasn't the one you have but an i-spirit. After a while I bit the bullet and decided to format it. All that was formated from the player was the mp3 files and from then on (touch wood) iv had no problems. If you do decided to format the player make sure you get the right file format. For most players its Fat32. hope this helps

  Jonno131 12:26 20 Jan 2005

Thanks I-W. I'll try that this evening and let you know how I go on.Thinking about it,it wouldn't make much sense if it was that easy to foul things up.

  Jonno131 09:00 21 Jan 2005

ThanksI-W.One fully functionalMP3 player, one happy nephew and one unembarrassed uncle with his (Totally undeserved) reputation as a Techno Wizz intact.

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