mp3 players:What capacity?

  Rabi 16:53 15 Dec 2003

Thinking of buying my first MP3 player, as a flash USB drive. For example, the MUVO NX.

As a rule of thumb, how much playing time wouuld I get from a 64mb player? A 128mb player? and a 256mb player?


  s3mt3x 16:59 15 Dec 2003

Generally speaking, a standard mp3 with a relatively high bitrate will be around 3MB. So for a 64MB card - you could fit around 20-30 songs; a 128 40 - 60 etc. It all depends on how important the quality of your music is to you.

  Rabi 17:07 15 Dec 2003

Thought mp3's had a standard/default bitrate?
What is this bitrate, and what would it occupy in terms of space for a 4 minute song?

  bremner 19:03 15 Dec 2003

There is no standard bitrate. It depends on what you set it to when you rip the songs.

iTunes has a default value of 160 bit but you can set it to anything from 16 to 320bits.

  rickf 20:25 15 Dec 2003

Why not spend a bit more and go for the 30g NX? Its not worth getting 64mb as you will find that you ran out of space pretty quickly.

  temp003 08:28 16 Dec 2003

An mp3 encoded at a bitrate of 128 bits per second is about 1 MB (a little under 1MB) per minute. 128 bits per second = 7680 bits per minute = 960 bytes per minute = roughly 1 MB per minute.

Most people find 128 bps gives near CD quality - but you can try higher bitrates such as 160 or 196 to see if it makes any difference to you, which results in proportionally bigger files).

So a 64MB player will store about 64 minutes of mp3 music encoded at 128 bps, and so on.

If you encode the music at 160 bps, 64 MB can store about 53 minutes of music.

  Rabi 21:17 18 Dec 2003

Thanks, Temp003.
I needed to know,generally, what 128mb would give me in the real world... you have answered my question.

  temp003 04:21 19 Dec 2003

Just a correction.

The references to the bitrates should be in kilobits per second not bits per second, so it's 128 kbps and so on. So 128 kilobits per second = 7680 kilobits per minute = 960KB per minute = roughly 1MB per minute.

But the answer to your question is correct.

  Rabi 19:46 27 Dec 2003

So, at 64kbps, what would a 128mb and 256mb provide in time use?

  Big Elf 20:08 27 Dec 2003

At 64kbps it would be approximately

128MB = 4 Albums

256MB = 8 Albums

  rickf 20:20 27 Dec 2003

However you would want to record at 128 or at the very least 98 bitrate if you care about what you hear.

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