mp3 player/software

  mimo 21:33 04 Sep 2003

hello all....i am considering purchasing an mp3 player in the coming weeks,but before i do i have a couple of point i hope you can answer budget is round about £100 ,i know for this sum im looking at a player with memory of around 64-128mb.i would prefer a machine with 20gb ,but money is always an issue.there are a number of mp3 players within my budget,but which one is value for money.all personal recommendations are appreciated.....being new to the growing world of mp3 im not to sure how the software works.i have nero 5 and media player 9.i cant recall if these programs will convert cd music to mp3 format.or is there software which i can download/buy which will i said this is all new to me so any advice would help.thanks for taking the time to read this ,and i hope to hear from you regards mimo

  mimo 16:35 06 Sep 2003

thank you all for your advice,best regards mimo

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