MP3 player wont take more files

  magnus35 14:22 18 Oct 2006

I am a total novice at this but was pleased when I managed to load tracks from my CDs onto my newly purchased Nortek Running 1Gb MP3 player , however , although the memory on the device shows that it is at 50% capacity , it wont seem to allow me to transfer any more data . The instructions state that some memory is used by the player itself . When I checked the level before starting to add anything it showed that only 1% was being used . Nortek's suggestion that any problems may be addressed by visiting their website and checking the FAQs was a dead loss as there are none available .
I am using Windows XP and the files are transferred as WMA via Windows Media Player .
Am I missing something obvious ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated .

  sean-278262 16:33 18 Oct 2006

Does this player load up in windows and show in my computer as a drive? If it does right click on it and click on properties to find out how much is being used. Have you tried clearing all your songs back to your PC and starting again?

  v1asco 16:44 18 Oct 2006

if it is recognising your player as a new drive I have found the easiest thing to do is to load all music onto computer then drag and drop.

  v1asco 16:44 18 Oct 2006

if it is recognising your player as a new drive I have found the easiest thing to do is to load all music onto computer then drag and drop.

  v1asco 16:45 18 Oct 2006

am I seeing double?

  sean-278262 16:57 18 Oct 2006

No dont worry. The forum does that sometimes. You will see loads of posts the same as yours where a double has occured. Sometimes it is the users fault others the forum software.

  magnus35 17:47 18 Oct 2006

Thanks for the responses .
The player is recognised as a removable storage device and there are no problems adding files to it .
The MP3 player is supposed to have a capacity of 1Gb . I have loaded 139 tracks . Even allowing for 4Mb per track this is only about 560Mb yet when I check the memory usage on the player it shows 976M (50%) . I'm assuming that the 976M means 976 Mb , but if that is the case , how can this be 50% ? By exploring I can confirm that the majority of tunes are about 2 - 3.5 Mb . Surely it does not require 400+ Mb for its own use ? If that was the case then how would it be possible to have a 256Mb or 512Mb player ?
There is a reference in the instructions to splitting the memory into half normal and half encrypted and I suspected that this might have something to do with it so I followed the advice on how to select ' all normal ' , but to no avail . There are also references to Utilities and Firmware . I haven't a clue what this means so have not tempted fate by fiddling around with the unknown . Perhaps someone could enlighten me ?

Thanks again .


  magnus35 18:03 18 Oct 2006

Me again . Please pardon my ignorance . Should have done this before posting last message .
I right clicked on Properties and it indicates that the usable capacity of the device is 976Mb and that 488Mb is in use with 487Mb free ( where did the other 1 go ? ) . So the slider on the player , indicating 50% is correct . Can you think of a reason why , when I try to load more songs , I get a message saying that it is not possible ?

Magmus 35

  Tim1964 23:31 18 Oct 2006

My daughter's 1Gb player would only take in about 50% of what it should.

I got round this by creating a new folder on the drive and dragged more tracks into this folder rather than the 'root' folder.

It seems that this root folder could only take a certain number of files.

  Smiler 12:22 19 Oct 2006

solution seems the answer to me.
I have a 20GB player and have to put songs in folders due to this limitation.

  magnus35 14:17 19 Oct 2006

Thanks to all for your help .

I posted a fairly lengthy note regarding resolution of this problem but it seems not to have made it to the site .

I discovered , by trial and error , how to fully load the gadget .

A search of the forum archives revealed that others have encountered this problem in the past , however , I couldn't see any clear answer . Tim1964 has precisely struck the nail on the head .

I think the main problem lies with the manufacturers instructions as they don't advise that it is necessary to create further folders . I prefer , and need , an idiot's guide which assumes absolutely no prior knowledge of the subject . Thank goodness for the likes of you folks !

Ta much .


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