mp3 player won't load ??

  Petesilver 15:25 05 Jan 2007

I have just bought a matsui mp3 player but it just won't load on my desktop it just freezes so I tried it on my laptop and it works fine.........
anyone any suggestion as to way it won't load on my desktop, on the laptop it justs load ok no messages or anything but on the desktop it gives me a warning about unsigned drivers but i still tried to carry on but it just locks every thing up

  chub_tor 17:25 05 Jan 2007

Is the laptop running the same operating system as the desktop?

  Petesilver 17:54 05 Jan 2007

laptop is xp profesional
desktop is XP HOME


  chub_tor 18:49 05 Jan 2007

And are both operating systems fully up to date with Windows updates?

It has to be a driver issue, so if you are using it by simply plugging it in and letting Windows install its own drivers then logically it must be a difference in the drivers supplied by either XP Pro and XP Home.

Can you find a unified driver for it from the Matsui website, that might solve your problem.

  Jackcoms 18:53 05 Jan 2007

Are you connecting it to a USB port of its own and not sharing a port with other hardware?

  Petesilver 13:38 07 Jan 2007

Still can't get it to work on the desktop I have check the laptop and it is a microsoft signed driver SIGMA Tel MSCN v 5.1.2535.0 I have ckecked around but can't seem to find it anywhere and my expertise in downloading downloading and loading drivers is fairly limited so i would need some guidance if I even new where to look

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