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As a dedicated audio enthusiast I've always been suspicious of MP3 sound quality, specially since a friend gave me an MP3 CD created on his PC. Quite frankly the sound was awful, but I'm willing to give a player a try. I'm not really interested in the number of "songs" it can store (Can you call Beethoven's Ninth a Song?)or its appearance, display or any visual attributes that helps to sell these devices. Ear-bud phones, or whatever they're called are also out. Can any of them drive decent headphones like Grado Labs SR80s? Can they be hooked up to the optical output of a CD deck?

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If you are an audiophile with good HiFi and good ears then compression will always reduce the quality compared to what you can achieve in your home. It depends upon what you want to do - I can't carry my Quad pre and power amp + Quad speakers around with me but I can carry a 50 gram MP3 player with a set of 'on ear' rather than 'in ear' headphones weighing a few grams. The quality isn't superb but it's better than nothing. Perhaps however you might prefer nothing. It depends upon how much you are willing to compromise your audio quality for convenience.

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I have (what I think the best mp3 player). It is a clone of a standard Audio Cassette. It has 256Mb memory and takes SD and MMC memory cards.

It also has Voice recording and Direct Encoding.

Comes with 2 batteries and battery charger (1 battery in and one on charge). Headphones and a case. It also plays in any standard Cassette Player. I don't have a CD player in my car.

This place reckons they have still got some in stock.

click here

First one down DAH 220.

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Sorry, on the link you need to click on Hot MP3 More info.

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Just found a bit better description and bigger picture.

click here

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I purchased one from Maplin, all it says on the box is 'nmemory' and it cost me all of £11.97 and comes with a battery, 'in ear' head phones and a usb cable. It doesn't display the track names but it does display the total amount of tracks that are on the card, total playing time and a track time counter. For a real cheapo I think it's great.

You have to supply your own SD/MMC card though.

Cheers Chris.

  [DELETED] 17:32 23 Apr 2006

I have a Creative Zen Vision:M, and whilst it is by no means a cheap mp3 player (£214 from dabs click here) it has been able to cope with everything i've thrown at it.
Altho as mentioned earlier what bitrate the song is encoded at & what headphones you use make a big difference. It can be hooked up to an amp, its playing through mine at the minute and i cant fault the quality.
I find that a bitrate of 128-192kBs is good enough for every day listening, whilst 320+ kBs is pretty good for high quality listening. I think true lossless (no file compression) is around 800-900kBs for the serious audiophiles.

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Why not buy one of these
click here then you can use any mp3 player you want.

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There was a recent review in What-Hifi, they thought the Apple range sounds the best.

  [DELETED] 07:38 24 Apr 2006

Well, what a great response. I'll need time to check out all these options and post back my decision. Thank you.

  [DELETED] 08:10 25 Apr 2006

PJ123, I like the look of the DAH-220 but can't find a stockist; only for the DAH-1900, which also seems to rate highly but doesn't have the Audio Cassette feature which appeals to me. Any ideas?

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