mp3 player flash memory or hard drive

  malgall 15:37 26 Oct 2004

i am looking at mp3 players being pc user i have a natural hate for apple ipod but am still tempted .
then i see iriver creative archos and more

so bad things about ipod.

1. battery life 8 hrs
but looking at price i would go for the 20gb
rather than mini ipod which says 12hrs
2 battery 500 recharges before it fails and expensive to replace.
if i recharge it twice a week that is still 5 years use by then i would just replace it with upto date model
3 it does not use WMA files
no problem most of my music is on cd so i will have to download onto computer anyway

see my problem i am being pulled to the ipod

your opinions all esp ipod owners

  jesta 15:44 26 Oct 2004

i am an owner of an apple ipod mini and i think its fine. all the ipod are good although the batteries will drain quickly when you play the games on it put thats to be expected.i would rather go for an ipod but bear that in mind you might need to buy another earphones as the chances of getting it stolen is higher.

  pj123 15:51 26 Oct 2004

Try this one, 20gb hard drive, 24 hour battery life. click here

  pj123 15:56 26 Oct 2004

Sorry, meant to add. The creative zen will rip direct from CD to MP3. No need to save to hard drive first. Also see a really good write-up in the December issue of PC Answers. (am I allowed to say that on PC Advisor Forum?)

  joseph K 17:27 26 Oct 2004

Don't forget Sony now that they support mp3 and other here

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