MP3 Player cannot install

  boxclever 17:54 22 Dec 2004

Can anyone help please. It's my daughter's Xmas present. I have bought a 256mb mp3 player off ebay. shipped from Hong Kong. No driver necessary but my computer will not allow me to install it. Message reads "Cannot install because the wizard cannot find the necessary software". XP USB1.

  Dorsai 17:56 22 Dec 2004

If you post the Make/Model of the MP3 player, someone may be able to point you in the direction of the device makers, who may offer the option to download the software needed off the net.

  boxclever 18:02 22 Dec 2004

According to the feedback i think i'm the only one of about 2,000 sales that's having a problem

  Completealias 18:02 22 Dec 2004

Have you tried windows update when you install it should offer you the option to check there worth a try

  boxclever 18:06 22 Dec 2004

I've tried that and get the same message. Device manager says the generic usb hub is working ok

  Dorsai 18:21 22 Dec 2004

"Digital mp3 player mp3/wma/rec blue box" would seem more of a description of it, rather than who made it. Can you post a link to the page on Ebay you bought it off?

  boxclever 18:27 22 Dec 2004

That's all the info there is on the box and the player. By saving £15 or so I have the feeling I may end up with a pup. By the way thanks for helping.

  NICTRY 19:34 22 Dec 2004

I think I may have the same MP3 player you have mentioned (I think it is a pretty standard model shipping from China and Hong Kong. Can I suggest you install the drivers on the CD (I know it says XP doesn't need them) my 512mb player worked fine after I did this and I have XP SP1 too.

Let me know how you get on?

  boxclever 18:11 23 Dec 2004

I have tried the player in other XP computers and it works fine. When I put it in mine it lights up but thats it. I am wondering whether I have altered some settings somewhere or if I am missing a file. The mini disc that came with the player has a win98 driver file but that makes no difference. Thanks again for the help.

  chrissybabe57 12:51 06 Feb 2005

I also bought one of those mp3 players but it won't install. I have XP but when i try to install is says i need a file called AdfuUd.sys. Anyone know what this is?

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