Mp3 Player

  compaq1234567890 20:28 29 Mar 2005

i have just got my mp3 player and i have just plugged it into my pc and it ses no disk in drive and i am using windows xp .

  Kate B 20:30 29 Mar 2005

bit more information - which MP3 player are you using? It probably needs drivers installed ...

  pauldonovan 20:30 29 Mar 2005

With Ipod I think you have to format it first using the software if I remember correctly.

Did it come with software?

  pauldonovan 20:30 29 Mar 2005 beat me to it kate :)

  compaq1234567890 20:32 29 Mar 2005

hi i am using teleadapt and i am using the software provided but nothing will work it keeps saying cant format ca not access and my mp3 player ses there are no files on it.

  dogbreath1 20:34 29 Mar 2005

If it's a pen drive type, you won't need drivers. It should be recognised as a mass storage device. You can then drag and drop mp3 files onto it's icon in My Computer.

  Kate B 15:28 31 Mar 2005

What's Teleadapt? Google suggests it's an online retailer. What make of MP3 player have you got? Under XP most MP3 players - including iPods - show up as a drive under My Computer.

  Yorky2 15:51 28 Oct 2005

I'm having the same problem with my Sandisk MP3 player - it is not recognised as a USB device or removable storage device. Laptop beeps when I plug in or remove it, but it is listed in Device Drivers as "Other Devices" MPDX1 MP3 with a yellow Question mark and Code 28 error.

This should be plug and play with XP Home, and my USB mouse and Canon camera USB connections work fine. I have checked all the services settings as automatic and started without success. The drive works fine on my wife's Windows ME laptop.

I may have installed the 98SE driver by mistake as it started the Wizard and asked for a driver disk when I first inserted it. Where can I find the W98SE driver so I can delete or uninstall it?


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