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  pete. 18:34 19 Feb 2005

hi need help i have just bought mp3 player installed it now i want to copy music to the mp3 instuctions say use explorer to get the music to the player plug usb lead into mp3 it says ready but i am lost on what to do next please help pete.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:40 19 Feb 2005

What OS?

If win Me / 2k / XP, then connect up the player to the machine and it should be recognised.

Look in "my computer" and it should be there as a removable drive.

Copy the music to it - drag and drop.

When you plug in usb2 lead windows should see drive as Usb mass storage device Drive F (or whatever letter is assigned to it) In windows explorer you should be able to drag and drop your music files into the new drive

  Totally-braindead 18:52 19 Feb 2005

2 questions what operating system and do you have any MP3 files on your computer?

  Diodorus Siculus 19:48 19 Feb 2005

cheers thanks very much works, one last question do i have to take the battery out every time i connect usb lead kind regards pete.

No, I think if you take the battery out, it will not work.

FWIW, please post here rather than via email - that way, others can help too.

  Totally-braindead 19:56 19 Feb 2005

From Pete by email" xp no have no mp3 files on computer ". Pete you must be new to the Forum, when you are asked a question write your answer down at the bottom in the box and then click Post response, don't send emails to people that is not what the envelope box is for and of course then others can't see what you're saying.
Anyway enough said. When you plug your MP3 player in if you go to My Computer there should be a new drive listed, it'll be the next letter which is unassigned, if your computer has a C and D drive for example it'll appear as E and so on. Now presuming its the first time you've used it you need to format it first. Right click on the symbol for it in My Computer and left click on Format, thats it, its now ready. Next go to this site and download Audiograbber its free. click here Now theres also a plug in you can download, it tells you about it on the website but leave that for now you can read it later. Theres lots of other programs you can get, you can see about them later once you know how its done. Install the program, start it up, get an audio cd, insert it and follow the instructions to rip the cd to mp3. I suggest for speed you just try one track at the moment but thats up to you, pay attention to where the program stores the mp3s. Once thats done all you do is either drag and drop the mp3 file on to your player or cut and paste it. If you've done it correctly the file will now be on the player, disconnect it and play away.

  pete. 23:49 19 Feb 2005

hi i have put another cd in my drive but cannot find it in windows explorer to drag it into the mp3 player not sure what i have done the first time i did it it came up with the pic of the album i just draged that over removable disk drive G and there were the songs on mp3 regards pete.

  Tim1964 00:18 20 Feb 2005

Doesn't the software that came with the player help at all?
For e.g my Creative Jukebox needs it's own 'player' software to transfer the music files across. If I 'drag and drop' them they are regarded as data files and won't play.

Just a thought.

  Totally-braindead 12:55 20 Feb 2005

Pete did you do what I said and download Audiograbber, it sounds to me as if you're trying to drag from the CD to the MP3 player and to be honest I don't know if you can do that, and even if you can the size of the files would be so large you'd be lucky to get half a dozen songs on it, but anyway assuming you have converted the CD to MP3 using the program I suggested then the MP3s are usually stored in My Music under My Documents, if you're unsure and still can't find it just run audiograbber again and make sure you look at where it puts the files or run it and look at the top of the audiograbber program where its running it tells you somewhere up there as to where it stores the MP3s. I know this may seem a bit complicated but as with all things once you've done it a few times it becomes remarkably easy.

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