MP3 or WMA Format

  Sawtooth33 11:54 10 May 2006

Could someone advise me whether in WMP10 MP3 or WMA is the better format. I have a large collection of MP3's already, but from reports i have ben reading on the WMP10 web site, WMA format appears superior, is this true?. If so how can I convert all my MP3's to WMA in WMP10, can't seem to find any way of converting files.
many thanks

  Devil Fish 12:03 10 May 2006

to be honest you won't notice the difference
if all your files are mp3 now i would stick with that

  Totally-braindead 12:15 10 May 2006

It depends on what bitrate the MP3s are encoded at, if they are at a sufficiently high level you won't notice the difference. Try it yourself and see what you think. Encode the same music as MP3 and as WMA and listen to it. One advantage of the WMA files is that they are smaller than the MP3 files, or so they say.

  Koochy 12:16 10 May 2006

I agree with Devil Fish you won't see or hear any difference in the quality of the music on any home system, i have tried both formats and i couldn't hear any difference at all. I the same as you have all my music in mp3 format and i don't think it's worth the effort of converting them all. I think the problem is that all software developers will tell you that their software is better than all other software available so really if people were to beleive them it would mean converting all file types to some other format every 2 to 3 months. If you are happy with mp3 then stick with it. This is my personal veiw but if anybody wants to correct me i am open to suggestions.

  Sawtooth33 15:57 10 May 2006

Thank you for your answers. I will keep with all my MP3's.

  Wak 16:40 10 May 2006

From my calculations WMA runs at a bit rate of 64
so if you make your MP3s at a bit rate of 48 or 32 you will get smaller files but you may also suffer a little in the quality.
If you can't notice any difference in the quality then you will be able to get more songs on your player.
The choice is for the individual concerned.
For a converter click here

  tenplus1 16:42 10 May 2006

WMA is ok but to be able to play your music files on everything from PC's to MP3 Players and DVD Players stick with 128kbps MP3 files... or... if it's just to play on your computer, try Ogg Vorbis (.ogg) for at at 64kbps... it's a lot smaller in size and sounds the same...

  Smiler 17:40 10 May 2006

I use mp3pro files at 96kbps available in MusicMatch

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