mp3 or not mp3?

  nickyt 15:16 27 Feb 2007

What is the best format to rip music in? In other words which format offers the best quality regardless of size? Is it WMA lossless or mp3?

  bezzer20 15:20 27 Feb 2007

i reckon mp3 m8, altho when u rip onto itunes it creates an MP4 (aac file) but mp3 is recognised by lots of other programs, thats what iv found anyway. iv jsut spent the last few days converting about 20 gig of music, what a s***ter

  SURVEY 15:36 27 Feb 2007

I started by allowing Media Player to convert to wma format (at 192kbps). Wma is not so efficient as a compressed file and therefore takes up more disc space than say mp3. However I subsequently realised that some players will not play wma so I started saving as mp3 (again at 192kbps. Quality is excellent on these wma and mp3 compressions. My son has an ipod and he soon realised that i-tunes converts to aac (MP4) and that this is useless if transferring to a non-ipod player etc. He now sets the i-tunes program to compress to mp3 (192kbps). It looks as if mp3 is the universal format to go for

  nickyt 16:28 27 Feb 2007

but which format is closest to cd quality? 320kbps mp3 or 900kbps wma lossless?

  bremner 16:36 27 Feb 2007

Lossless wma is the best quality and gives near CD quality.

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