mp3 music stutters when played on pc?

  nora123 14:11 15 Jan 2005

When i play music in either windows media player or musicmatch jukebox the song stutters randomly. I know there's not a problem with the mp3 file because when i replay it, the song will stutter somewhere else. I have defragmented my hard drive and turned off all applications running in the backgound usind msconfig, but this has not solved the problem. I have watched the processor graph in task manager and whenever the music stutters, the cpu usage goes up to about 80%. This occurs when multi-tasking or just leaving the pc to play just music.
My pc spec is as follows:

AMD Athlon 1.4ghz, 512MB RAM, 120Gb Baracuda HD, KT7A Raid ABIT motherboard, Sound Blaster 1024 live soundcard.

All the latest soundacard drivers are installed.

If any one could help i'd really appreciate it.

  JonnyTub 14:19 15 Jan 2005

are you playing from hd or cd?

  nora123 14:33 15 Jan 2005

from HD

  JonnyTub 14:35 15 Jan 2005

make sure dma is enabled on the ide channel your hd is attached

  JonnyTub 14:47 15 Jan 2005
  nora123 17:55 15 Jan 2005

I'm running XP so i'm not sure if the dma setting has to be checked. I had a look in device manger anyway and the transfer mode has option "DMA if available" selected and current transfer mode "ultra DMA mode 2"

  ACOLYTE 18:02 15 Jan 2005

I had the same problem with a few of my mp3 songs and i found it was when i actually ripped them to the hard drive that programs running in the background caused little pauses in the ripping process,not as you would notice but in the end result playback was jumpy,i re-ripped them with minimal tasks running and they worked ok then,if you havent ripped from a cd then this is of no use lol.

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