[DELETED] 07:46 09 Aug 2003

Hi Guys

I have just got myself a new phone which came with nokia software for creating polyphonic ring tones,the problem is all my music is obviously on mp3 on my harddrive,but needs to be converted to midi files in order for the software to be able to use it,anybody got any ideas on any freeware available which can do this EASILY as i'm not too much of a techie.

Also does anybody know the cheapest place to pick up a nokia charger/docking port.



  [DELETED] 10:24 09 Aug 2003

HELP !!!

  ton 14:12 09 Aug 2003

Converting mp3 or wave files to midi is not too easy, although it is possible. If you want midi files, try doing a Google search for 'midi files'. There are thousands of them that you can download free.

  [DELETED] 14:53 09 Aug 2003

Also seriously consider changing your nickname on this forum.

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