MP3 Listmaking Software?

  kwil2 12:40 10 Aug 2011

Hi... I've a number of DVD/CD's containing many MP3 tracks. I've a new computer now, running Win7 64-bit. I want to create a list of MP3's WITHIN EXCEL but can't seem to export the info I need from the DVD/CD's to create a list I can add to at will.

The list only needs to hold the following info: Artist - Track Name/Time - Source eg DVD 1/2/3/etc

Can anyone suggest any software (preferably free) that can read/export to XL with ease?

I've used 'mp3 Listmaker de Luhe' with XP for a good while, but the version I have won't run on Win7. It does a basic job and there's a paid-for version but frankly with such an amateurish interface it's not worth paying for.

So, any suggestions or recommendations would be welcome. Many thanks

  gengiscant 13:02 10 Aug 2011

Try Karen should work OK on 7

  kwil2 18:36 10 Aug 2011

Hi...thanks for taking time to reply. I've tried Karen before and it's not what I need.. Thanks anyway...

  gengiscant 11:03 11 Aug 2011

Anything here? MP3 List

  kwil2 19:52 11 Aug 2011

Hi again...thanks again for the input. Actually I'd already checked the XL site. Nothing there that makes the job simple. Macros etc won't do what I need. To clarify again: I've been using XL to catalogue on an ongoing basis over a fair time, all my music including MP3's etc I don't need or want to print them out (see Karen etc), just keep or export them as an XL file.

So: I've created an XL spreadsheet of artist/track title etc which I add to as and when. Right now, it's very long but it's best and easiest to keep it all on one sheet. Prior to Win7, my XP software (see above) worked perfectly with no fuss. So, the hunt goes on! Regards

  gengiscant 08:14 12 Aug 2011

Have a look at this:MP3 list not free by the way. There's also this: listmaker its free but I do not think it's what you want.

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