Mp3 help needed !

  mahalo 20:10 27 Mar 2006

I have been given an MP3 player, and no instructions on how to put the music onto the card. I would like to put my own cds on it rather than download the music from the web.
Is it possible ? if so can you give me some clues please, being a silver surfer I think I need them in easy speak.
Many thanks.

  Skills 20:14 27 Mar 2006

Fisrt you need to "rip" your cds to the the Mp3 format a good free prog that I use is cdex click here its fairly self explanatory to use.

Once you have the audio files in a mp3 format it should just be a case of draging n dropping the files onto the device

  skidzy 20:23 27 Mar 2006

Do you have a built in card reader ? a plug in card reader ? or is it an internal memory on the mp3 player.

As skills says,if you have a card reader,just put the card into the reader,select your music files then drag and drop them.

  mahalo 21:04 27 Mar 2006

The player has a card reader, no internal memory.
I had already put the tracks on the card but the player keeps saying "no songs". I checked the card on the computer and the tracks were listed.So I looked at the properties of the tracks but could not find if they were MP3 files.
I will try Skills idea now.

  skidzy 21:08 27 Mar 2006

You have to rip the music first to mp3 format.Use the link Skills posted or even Media player 10 will do the job fine.

  mahalo 21:18 27 Mar 2006

Is that Windows Media Player 10 ?, if so I will have to update mine

  skidzy 21:20 27 Mar 2006

Here you go click here

  ACOLYTE 21:23 27 Mar 2006

WMP 10 only works with XP,as you didnt say what OS you had i thought i would check)

  Chris Webster 23:14 27 Mar 2006

I was recommended FreeRIP for converting audio tracks to mp3's. It's very easy to use too click here

  mahalo 10:53 29 Mar 2006

Thank you all for your help. I tried cdex when I opened it, it said I was missing a dll file. So I upgraded to WM10 and after a few hiccups and frustrations setting up in the options, I have done it !. I'm quite pleased with myself, being an older senior whose brain does not work as well as it used to.

  patso 13:32 02 Jun 2006

i am sorry for having to post this q again but it is wrecking my hesd trying to sort it out.i have been trying to fill my mp3 player from my music folder on my pc but i have noticed it is ripping to the folder the exact same as on the source disc but when i try to put the album on it is transferring in alphabetical order instead,when i go in to arrange icons by it has by number in my music folder but when i click on the removable disc it is coming up arrange by name.also auto arrange is ticked.where am i going wrong as the whole order of the album is upside down.i am using xp home can anyone help with this one please?

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