mp3 on hdd skips at a certain point on hdd

  theDarkness 01:37 07 Aug 2013

Is it impossible to judge what might cause an mp3 to now 'click' or buzz in a player at a certain point for 1/2 second? Whats do you believe is the most common cause?

I backed up my music collection to my external hdd many months ago, and have recently noticed one track now skips at a certain point, when played when copied to the internal hdd or directly from the external. I have had the same mp3 on my mobile for a long time and it runs with no issues, so the error was not always there. The file is still transferable, the drive gives no error, is in good health, and is only a year old. Audio editors clearly show the mp3 having the click when zooming in. Oddly it would seem to be a lack of sound at this point, which is clear in wmp-although in foobar2000, it buzzes instead-although thats pretty irrelevant.

I have had this happen before, but only with flash memory for mobile phones, which I assume is usually a sign of a bad transfer for whatever reason. The clicking file in this case has only been copied from the external, not moved,and did not click before.

I suppose it could be a sign of either internal or external drive failure, or an old system (2007 or 8, vista) doing too much at once whilst transferring any files (via USB2)? My drives are stated as being in good health. The external is now full (1GB, used mainly for graphics work but only as a back up, so not transferred to regularly). With so few transfers, after analysis it has not needed a defrag. I believe a defrag will not correct any damaged files.

I am considering on buying another external to back up to. The external hard drive is a WD with passive cooling. I wonder if copying large amounts of data to a new drive at once (eg an entire drives worth of data) would really be a good idea, if its a fanless system? Thanks for any tips

  Chronos the 2nd 08:01 07 Aug 2013

Are you not looking at this problem from the wrong angle? Could it be nothing more simple than the track has been corrupted in some way? Just because the track has been fine for a long time does not mean that has not affected by something like micro-stutter or interference when you backed it up to your external hard drive. I would think the simplest method to resolve this problem would be to delete the track and replace if with a fresh copy.

  theDarkness 22:41 07 Aug 2013

you are right,its a possibility but in this case i had copied the file from external to mobile, so i know the file was originally without skipping on it. I dont know the most effective way of preventing stutter or corruption,if the health of the drives are ok. i replaced the file,but now i wonder about the likelyhood of corruption when it comes to more important files,unless audio tracks are somehow more prone to developing such errors over time,which i very much doubt. i know a secondary backup is vital.perhaps a good tool that could compare originals with backups wouldnt go amiss..thanks

  Chronos the 2nd 10:48 08 Aug 2013

It could quite easily have been corrupted during the copying process. It really is not a big deal, a nuisance I agree, but copying the track again usually resolves the issue, providing you do not have problems with either drive.

  theDarkness 02:24 09 Aug 2013

I just like to find out the cause each time :) If files I am copying from can become corrupt, then I'll just assume it was a possible case of the computer doing too much at the same time as transfer. Thanks.

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