Mp3 Files Won't Play

  prima12 21:34 01 Aug 2003

I downloaded some mp3 files, and originally they had the Windows Media Player symbol at the side, that symbol has now gone, and been replaced with a 'Windows' symbol (a wavy square shape with 4 coloured tails)and I now can't play the mp3's.
What have I done wrong?

  kortical Implant 21:44 01 Aug 2003

try right clicking on them and select open with windows media player

  Ironman556 22:07 01 Aug 2003

Have you been into the settings of Win Media Player? You should be able to find a box with a list of associated file types. You need to make sure that MP3 is selected to be played by Win Media Player.

Did the symbol vanish after installing some software?

  prima12 09:00 02 Aug 2003

Thanks to everybody. I think I may have had a corrupt WMP 7.1 which I was using. I uninstalled it and installed WMP 9, re-downloaded my mp3 files and everything now seems to be back to normal

  daba 09:05 02 Aug 2003

Just curious why you "re-downloaded my (your) mp3 files...".

Re-install of WMP shouldn't have erased them from your HDD.

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