mp3 files can i convert

  malgall 21:10 20 Oct 2005

i own a ipod 20gb and i am looking at
downloading music i would like to copy
that music to cd to play elsewhere
as well as play on ipod which does not use
mp3 file type.

so one i buy from itunes and get a program that can convert to mp3 type to play elsewhere

or two i buy from napster or virgin etc
in mp3 format and i believe ipod software
well change them to ipod format

i dont know if i can even do it

your help please

  malgall 19:56 21 Oct 2005

any ideas please

  PaulB2005 20:05 21 Oct 2005

I thought iTunes will convert your CD to a format you can use on your iPod?

  malgall 19:14 22 Oct 2005

a question could i then download music from say napster in mp3 format which would alow me to copy it for use in hifi or car then get itunes to convert it to acc apples format

i believe itunes will do it but music i download
allow me to do it

  john-232317 22:23 22 Oct 2005

click here Jetaudio will convert MP3 to other formats for cd players, but dont know if it will convert to crapapple.

  powerless 22:35 22 Oct 2005

Ummm the iPod will play MP3 files.

itunes will let you:-

Download tracks from the Apple site.
Transfer the downloaded tracks to your ipod.
Create playlists and transfer tracks from CDs you own to your ipod.
Will let you burn an audio CD using your downloaded tracks.

However, you dont need to use itunes to burn an audio CD using track from other sources. I certainly wouldnt.

Itunes is simply a tool for Apple downloads and Ipods.

  malgall 15:38 23 Oct 2005

thankyou EVERYONE

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