MP3 File Splitter

  Richard Madeley 10:12 31 Jul 2003

I have several Mp3 recordings that are all one large file.

Are there any good free file splitters out there that can handle 100Mb plus and don’t have a limited number of split points?

I want to split the file into separate tracks.

I have Mp3 Direct Cut but I am finding it tricky, any tips? Does this program degrade sound quality on splitting (if I could work out how to do it)?

Any other programs out there?

These are live recordings of bands that condone concert taping, by the way, not official releases; before you start going on about copyright and piracy.

  ET - Andy 10:25 31 Jul 2003

There is a cheap and easy program (free) called apply "The File Splitter" can be received from click here

You can custom each file split to your own size and how many pieces

  Richard Madeley 20:20 31 Jul 2003

Sussed it myself!

Here it is, for anyone who's interested or searching in future.

Download: Mp3 Direct Cut

Open yer file; then you need to make tiny one frame cuts in-between tracks (including the beginning and end of the whole thing); click: 'Set Begin' then forward the track one frame and click 'set end' then click 'Cut'; an orange line will appear at your cut points(do it for each track, in the gaps between songs); then open the File menu and click 'Split file'. Easy.

Some errors show as it's splitting but the tracks played fine in Winamp. Real Jukebox didn't recognize them, so I converted them to Wav (easier for burning too!)and they then played fine.

I also checked the original split Mp3with Mp3 Trim and no errors were found; Real Jukebox is just touchy.

You can also fiddle with the volume with both the above programs, a godsend for quiet tracks and toning down that screaming fan just next to the person who originally recorded the boot.

  Richard Madeley 20:23 31 Jul 2003

URLS: click here

click here

thanks to ET -Andy too, your file splitter was useful for other things too.

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