mp3 explorer express help!

  BeeWee 19:30 28 Nov 2003

mp3 explorer express is the name of the software my son uses to d/l music into his mp3 player. this worked fine with windows 98 but is throwing up the message "player not connected to usb" which it is! i have tried updating the compatability and have looked for new drivers but have failed on both accounts....i wonder if anyone can help or has any suggestions?

  BeeWee 20:15 28 Nov 2003

have been to the website click here but has proved to be of little use! i can't see any way forward. have emailed them and have my fingers x'd otherwise his mp3 player which cost £179 will be useless!! hope this isn't the case. any other suggestions please?

  BeeWee 22:11 28 Nov 2003

and if this is so...then will i be able to claim a refund from dixon's....surely this should have lasted longer than a bare 2 years???

  ton 22:13 28 Nov 2003

I believe that this mp3 player has got a removeable memory card.

If it has, your best bet would be to get a card reader and use that to transfer the music. It's a more reliable way of doing it .

USB card readers start at about £12

  ton 22:19 28 Nov 2003

The site address you gave didn't work.

This one does click here

The site in Australia

  BeeWee 22:48 28 Nov 2003

but this site doesn't offer any help for my problem....the one i entered was the one from the cd rom i have click here and this is of no help either. don't know anything about memory readers..could you please explain?

  ton 23:15 28 Nov 2003

About card readers........
First of all does the player have a removeable memory card?

If you don't know, look at the player to see if there is a small card that you can pull out (switch off first).

If there is, post back to say what type it is.

  BeeWee 04:52 29 Nov 2003

hello ton..and firstly thank you for your patience with me! yes, there is a memory card...32mb multimedia card lg...that's all it says on it

  BeeWee 09:17 29 Nov 2003

and i have scoured the website ....peeled away layers and layers and there at the bottom there is a message in tiny print which apologises for having no updated drivers for their mp3 players!! all well and good but does this mean that the player is now rendered useless?

  BeeWee 13:34 29 Nov 2003


  ton 17:52 29 Nov 2003

No the player is not useless (if it still plays ok).

If you click here you will see card readers starting at about £8.

You plug this device into your USB port on the PC.
Remove the mmc card from the player and plug it into the card reader.

You can then just copy the mp3 files to the card.

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