MP3 Editing and bitrate changing software please

  originalmiscellany 21:12 17 Apr 2005

Right, I have loads of mp3's currently stored at 160 - 192kbs. Is there any program which can search the mp3's on bitrate and where it finds one at 128k or greater to (down)convert them to 128k and replace the previous and higher bitrated file?

I do have all songs backed up by the way! but i have an ipod and want to downgrade the songs to help prolong battery life on my player.

Cheers in advance (as ever)

  DJ-Garry 21:55 17 Apr 2005

Nero's wave editor will do the conversion for you. Just load the file into the prog, and then choose the save as option. clicking on the advanced tab lets you set the bit rate for the save. You need to have the .mp3 pro plugin from click here for this to work though.

  ton 22:17 17 Apr 2005

Cdex does a good job and is free.

  ton 22:17 17 Apr 2005

I forgot to add click here

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