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  tony-guitar 18:34 13 Mar 2005

my daughter has just picked up a "Next"(the retail shop) mp3 player but i can't work out how to get music onto it. Media Player wants a cd, and Real Player lists loads of devices but of course, not this one. Its memory is tiny, but enough for her short journey to work. How do i transfer music? Any help is appreciated

  tony-guitar 19:48 13 Mar 2005

a balloon 'new hardware found' appeared as Drive 'f' and a software program called 'herosoft'was installed from the cd (its an audio converter), but otherwise i can't find anything in 'programs'. No driver is required, except win98, but i run xp

  tony-guitar 20:34 13 Mar 2005

drive 'F' has now disappeared from 'my computer'. I'm getting p.. off now. This thing retails for £40 with no poxy insructions except how to play back. It only holds 18 tracks anyway, its only saving grace is that my daughter only paid a fiver for it.

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