mp3 download

  Steve C 12:32 20 Apr 2004

I am thinking of subscribing to
but would like to hear good or bad experiences of them

  JayDay 15:00 20 Apr 2004

Looks a bit sus to me. Read their FAQ and you will see they don't have the music files themselves but give you access to programs that can get them. I would guess that when you sign up they will give you links to programs such as Kazaa, edonkey, emule etc., which you can go to yourself for free. If this is the case I can not see how they claim it is 100% legal.

Virgin allows you to downlaod tracks from 50p click here click here

  anon1 16:48 20 Apr 2004

jayday has it gone up since you posted the link. "from 80P" seems to be the price now.

  QQAA 17:28 20 Apr 2004

maybe the extra 30p goes to the pca magazine ?

  JayDay 17:56 20 Apr 2004

It's 50p a track if you buy £40 worth of credits in one go

  JayDay 17:58 20 Apr 2004


You're right. It's gone up in the last couple of weeks.

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