mp3 copying problem

  nobbie 18:39 21 Aug 2003

i know this is carrying on from a previous thread, but i thought that the problem was solved,
using nero i can make the volumes of the audio tracks all the same but because i,m trying to copy my mp3's,i have a problem in that, as i'm burning @ 3 hours of music onto one cd to play on my mp3 player, i have to burn the music as data and not audio, so when i right click a selected song, i'm not getting the option in the properties to go into filters > normalise, so does anyone know how to normalise mp3 tracks when they are burnt as data.

  emmandelo1 19:25 21 Aug 2003

nobbie. I gave up using Nero ages ago. I swear by Musicmatch Jukebox Plus click here
I do as you intend, burn MP3's on to a CD for use on an MP3 player. With MMJB Plus you can burn either as audio or data. You can normalise the volume (they call it volume leveling)and then burn as data. If you have an MP3 player that will play MP3 Pro you can even convert your MP3's to MP3 Pro. That way you can get twice the amount on a CD. The current cost online is either £13.26 for the current version or £26.52 which includes all future versions. Have a look at the site.

  nobbie 14:21 22 Aug 2003

i'll have a look

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