mp3 confusion

  User-C807852E-5925-4E7A-AF2AFBFBA84AB929 10:43 22 Nov 2003

i have recently started using kazaa lite to download albums to burn to cd.The problem is that the album is downloaded as one file and although i can burn it successfully i can not skip tracks etc as individual tracks are not listed.How can i convert the album so that the individual tracks are listd and i can skip tracks rather than have to listen to the entire album. Thanks

  Proxy Worm 10:48 22 Nov 2003

Kazaa is illegal under the copyright act and other experts dont like illegal threads posted!

  rickf 12:06 22 Nov 2003

Lots of help elsewhere. Do search in Google and I am sure you will be able to get the info you are after. If you use nero, I think the wav editor will sort that out for you.

  mikef. 12:44 22 Nov 2003

Proxy Worm let's get it right kazaa in it's self is not illegal HOWEVER downloading copyright material is illegal and that is what the vast majority of people use it for, and that is why we are against it's use.

Broz if you have downloaded copyright material you will get no help here as it is breaking the sites terms and conditions.

  Proxy Worm 13:07 22 Nov 2003

Lol thats what i meant- "...under copyright law..."

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